1" wide x 3/4" deep EIFS Square Groove Kit

Item Number: KS103
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Detailed Description

Aesthetic Groove Tool Kit for EIFS.  Using a Hot Knife with a Groove Sled attachment, insert one of the 3 groove blades provided in the kit.  Using a straight edge for the Hot Knife, cut your groove in the EPS insulation board.  Mix your base coat and apply the base coat to the cut groove.  Next place the pre-cut fiberglass mesh on top of the groove and using the Groove Tool Sled work the  mesh into the groove.  Pushing and Pulling the Groove Tool will work the mesh into the groove.  Avoid wrinkles. 

Last step would be to pull the Groove Tool in the wet base coat to create a final finished edge.

There should be no wrinkles or tearing of the mesh.  NICE LOOKING GROOVE!

Kit includes:

  • 3 Hot Groover Blades  (HS103)
  • 1 each  Base Coat & Finish Sled (GSS103)
  • 1 Groove Tool Handle,  (GT-Handle)